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RES Boots

RES is revolutionizing the use of equine protective articles. RES evolved out of many years of dealing with premature failure of Velcro type hook and loop closures on bell boots used for Rodeo, Barrel Racing and Team Roping. RES Equine President, Brett Mill,s saw the advantage of the replaceable Velcro concept and filed for a patent in 2009.  These products are a result of our extensive research and development efforts to provide the best in equine products.

How to measure your horse for Bell Boots:

  1. Measure the horse’s height in hands.
  2. Measure the circumference of the horse’s pastern (in inches), were the bell boot will secure.
  3. Measure from the center of the pastern on the rear side of the hoof down to the bottom of the hoof to determine the boot height.
  4. Measure the circumference of the hoof, where the bell boot will flare out. Measure starting at the bottom of the back of the hoof coming about 1.5 inches up the hoof and all the way around.

RES Boots Sizing Chart

Small Medium Large XL XXL
Horse Height 13-14 Hands* 14-15 Hands* 15-16 Hands* 16-17 Hands* 17 + Hands*
Pastern Circumference 6.25″ 7.25″ 7.5″ 8.5″ 9.75″
Boot Height 4.25″ 4.25″ 4.25″ 4.75″ 5.5″
Bottom Circumference 12.5″ 13″ 14″ 14.75″ 16″
* 4 inches is equal to 1 hand

Replacement Straps

$5.00 (tax incl.)
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Polo Wraps

$0.00 (tax incl.)
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Sport Boots

$0.00 (tax incl.)
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Splint Brushing Boots

$0.00 (tax incl.)
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RES Equine – Bell Boots – Black and White

Bell Boots

$0.00 (tax incl.)
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